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We are Honoring the social spacing requirements
to assure a space you will need a reservation...see "classes" Schedule for details  

A regular practice of yoga brings benefits to mind, body and spirit.  It lifts depression, improves and makes a strong physical immune system, improves circulation, balances hormones, increases self esteem, self confidence, provides meaning and a sense of direction.  Develop your practice with us. 404-593-6320 or email us:  yogaatplanetbliss@gmail.com 

Classic Yoga



Yoga is a way of life, it changes you for the better as you slowly learn to open your body with grace and ease.
As your body changes, the way you relate to other people change. You begin to have more love and peace in your life…
Now how is that for a beautiful love gift to self? Come do Yoga with us!


We offer classes for the beginner and the seasoned yoga enthusiast.
Our philosophy is...anyone & any age can do Yoga.

Our expereince is...when you have a regular yoga practice...you can expect to be younger next year!



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at Planet Bliss  in the Broad Street Mill, Griffin, GA