Beginners Classes 
 Oh!  We have the perfect plan for you.
Watch this spot for the next Beginning Series start date.
Text to sign up or call to inquire. 
$75 for entire Series  8 Classes

​Here is What you will gain:

Correct breathing & movement;  Experience why people fall in love with Yoga;  Gain better Health;  Learn how a Yoga Practice helps you to stay young!  Make new friends that will stay friends
​Contact Dr. Lyn @ 404-593-6320 to discuss enrolling.  
This is a six week class. 
Class limited to 9   $65 for entire course. 

with your name & phone number mention Beginners request a call back for our upcoming series "What About Yoga?"  



10:00 am  Our Famous $8 Monday Class  Refining our yoga practice & building Strength   To reserve a spot Text Teacher 
Lyn Hammond-Gray (404-593-6320)
6:00 PM   Yin Yoga - Slow and Easy Slow stretches/Poses with longer holds - Releases tension within the muscles. Favorite Class
To reserve a spot  Text Teacher - Michelle Bethune   (770-468-7430)
9:45 AM   Very easy and slow Yoga.  Perfect for someone new or the mature person who thinks they can't do yoga.  Week to week you learn basic poses of Yoga slowly and gracefully.  You'll find this class life giving.  To reserve a spot Text Lyn  (404-593-6320)

6:00 PM  Restorative Yoga   
Easy poses designed to remove tension from the body, obtain deep relaxation.  This class is very inspiring.  to reserve a spot - Text Ally Ralston (770-584-4825)
6:00 PM  - Hatha Yoga Levels one and two with active poses, breathing, stretches and meditation. Text Lyn Hammond-Gray to Reserve 
6:00 PM  - Yoga Flow Flow means moving from one pose to the next without a long pause.  Some experience suggested. Text Tiana George to reserve (214-516-1135)

10:00 AM - Creative Flow   Poses that encourage the art of balance and strength.  Text Michelle Bethune to reserve  (770-468-7430)
Stress Relief Yoga- Active but Easy  Release that work-week stress by deeps stretches and fun moves. Popular Class  Text Lyn Hammond-Gray to reserve (404-593-6320)
3:00 pm Sweet Sunday Yoga-  Perfect class to end the week and start a new one.  Great stretches.  Easy moves.  Text Lyn Hammond-Gray to reserve (404-593-6320)
4:30 PM  Yoga with a Parachute Silk -
Fun, Fun, Fun  You are on the floor but you have the support of the silk as you move through your poses.  Poses allow full release of tension in the body.  Helps to sculpt a good looking body.  Text Denise Luders to reserve (770-349-9408)
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Our class fees are the lowest in the land...why? because we want you to afford regular yoga1

Cash Only $8 on Monday AM or $16 per walk the other classes.  Ask above a discounted Yoga Punch Card  Lyn 404-593-6320

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Yoga at Planet Bliss is located in the Broad Street Mill
324 E. Broad Street - Suite # 242  - 

Our weekly classes are listed below.  
​A reservation is required to attend a class.


at Planet Bliss  in the Broad Street Mill, Griffin, GA