Yoga at Planet Bliss is located in the Broad Street Mill
324 E. Broad Street - Suite # 242  - 


Think  Planet Bliss...
​Yoga Body ...Peaceful Mind

at Planet Bliss  in the Broad Street Mill, Griffin, GA

 Beginners Classes 
 Oh!  We have the perfect plan for you.
Sign up for our Beginners Series.  Next Series starts
January 13, 2024     
Text to sign up or call to inquire. 

​Here is What you will gain:

Correct breathing & movement;  Experience why people fall in love with Yoga;  Gain better Health;  Learn how a Yoga Practice helps you to stay young!
Make new friends that will stay friends
​Contact Dr. Lyn @ 404-593-6320 to discuss enrolling.  
This is a six week class. 
Class limited to 9 

with your name & phone number mention Beginners request a call back for our upcoming series "What About Yoga?"  



Schedule of Classes for the Week  

We require that you make a reservation to
attend.  Simply text the instructor of the

class you are interested in.  


10:00 am  Our Famous $8 Monday

Class features refining poses and 
Building Strength 
To reserve a spot text Teacher Lyn (404-593-6320)

All of the following classes are $15 walk-in. Discount cards are available.
6:00 PM  Yin Yoga Slow & Easy

Slow stretches/Long Holds that releases
tension that is held within the body structure.... 
To reserve a spot text Teacher Michelle (770-418-7430)

Beginning Tuesday Dec 5
9:45 am  Healing with Yoga
This is the class if you have never done yoga before. You will find this class life giving.   It is designed to introduce the  art of Yoga slowly and gracefully. 

To reserve a spot  Text Lyn (404-593-6320)

​$15 w/o a punch card. 

6:00 pm Restorative Yoga 
Planet Bliss is excited to present the opportunity for you to heal with Restorative Yoga  
To reserve a spot text Teacher Ally (770-584-4825)

6:00 PM  Hatha Yoga
Levels one and two active yoga, with stretches, 

breathing and meditation. 
To reserve  a spot, text Teacher
Lyn (404-593-6320)
6:00 pm  

Special Note:  No Class on 11/30
6:00 PM  Easy Flow

Flow means moving from one pose to another without a long pause. 
To reserve a spot, text Teacher 
Tiana (214-516-1135)
$15 or a Punch Card   


10:00 AM  Creative Flow
To reserve a spot, text Teacher
Michelle (770-468-7430)
$15 or a Punch Card

10:00 AM  Stress Relief
Active but Easy
To reserve a spot, text Teacher
Lyn (404-593-6320)
$15 or a Punch Card

To reserve a spot text teacher
 3:00 PM  Sweet Sunday Yoga 
Great stretches, Flowing Yoga
To reserve a spot, text Teacher Lyn (404-593-6320)
$15 w/o a Punch Card

4:15 PM  Yoga Nidra
(Every 1st and 3rd Sunday) Dec 3rd and Dec 17
Yoga Nidra is experienced in a relaxed position. In a 40 minute time, your body is guided to release stress. The mind is guided to a place of peace. No Yoga experience is required.  To reserve a spot textLyn (404-593-6320)
$15 w/o a Punch Card. 

4:30 PM Yoga Playful Yoga with a Hammock

(Every 2nd and 4th Sunday) Dec 10 - Jan 14 - Jan 28
Yoga with the support of a silk hammock. The silk supports you while you are in a pose.  Poses relieve joint pain pressure & build confidence in your practice.
To reserve a spot text Denise (770-349-9408)
$15 w/o a Punch Card 

The yoga experience of rest and relaxation. In total relaxation you are guided to release all tension and reconnect with yourself.
Self-healing occurs in Yoga Nidra
To reserve a spot, text Teacher
Lyn (404-593-6320) $15 or a punch Card 

(Space Limited - Reserve Early)

4:30 pm Playful  Yoga with the support a Hammock
Next Dates:  December 10 th 
Easy floor and standing yoga with the support of a silk hammock.  The silk supports you while you are in the pose and reduces joint pressure. Excellent for people who think they can't do yoga.
​Denise (770-349-9408) $15 or a punch card